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  1. How long does it take to process an online export permit for non-antique items?

    Your permit will be processed within two (2) working days if the information provided is correct and clear images are provided.

  2. Can one applicant apply for multiple people?

    A single applicant may apply on behalf of numerous people; however, they must be aware of the tracking numbers of each application.

  3. What reasons could lead to my application being rejected?

    Photographs that are unclear and information that is incomplete.

  4. How long is the Permit valid?

    The Permit is valid for 14 days from the date of approval.

  5. If the permit expires, can we ask for a time extension?

    Yes, you can request a time extension through the online system for an additional two weeks.

  6. Is it necessary for me to print the permit?

    Not essential since you can save a soft copy of the permit on your phone. However, the QR code should be clearly visible for Customs officials to crosscheck the items while exiting the country.

  7. Do I need to bring the objects for physical verification?

    If the Department of Culture has any doubts about the photograph submitted, the application will be rejected and the items must be physically verified.

  8. Do I have to declare the non-antiques to Customs when I leave the country?

    Yes, you are required to declare any non-antiques to Customs upon exit so they may check out the items in the system. If it is not updated, it will be recorded in the system and will cause issues when you apply for a non-antique export permit the following time.

  9. Why is it required to adhere to this requirement?

    This is done to combat the illegal trafficking of antiquities out of the country.

  10. What is the permit fee?

    Currently, a fee of Ngultrum one hundred per item is being collected, however, a revision in the fee structure has been proposed.

  11. Can I have my products physically verified at the Department of Culture?

    Yes, export permits can be sought from the Department of Culture as usual, as well as during system outages.