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How to go about ?

    • Click on the Apply link to apply for the non-antique export permit.
    • Then you will have to fill in the form.
    • After completing filling the form, click on the submit button to send your form to the admin for an approval.
    • You will also get an Application ID to check whether you application is being approved or not.


    • Click on the Tracker link to track your Application ID.
    • Enter your Application ID in the search input to see your application form.
    • You can also check whether your form have been approved or rejected with the remarks. You can also check which product have been approved.
    • If your application have been rejected, you will be able to see a rejected text with an remarks. And you must apply again.
    • If your application have been approved.
      1. You will be able to see an approved text.
      2. And payment button to make payment for the product.
      3. After making payment, you will see generate certificate button to generate your non-antique export permit.


    • Enter your Application ID to check your certificate.
    • You can also print your certificate.
    • You will be not able to see you certificate if you are not approved or you haven't made an payment.